Wearable Sensors and Electrodes

Almax – RP Corp. is a leading U.S. developer of wearable medical devices. The wearable medical device market has grown tremendously over the past 5 years and Almax – RP has been uniquely positioned to grow with this market. Our flat, flexible electronics manufacturing technologies are perfectly suited for custom wearable electronics. Our years of experience manufacturing flat, flexible electronics make us the most experienced player in this new field!

screen printed bio sensor

Screen Printed Bio Sensor

We manufacture wearable medical sensors with silver, silver chloride, or carbon conductors. We can use a fabric or PET substrate depending on the application.  We will attach any necessary surface mount components such as LEDs or phototransistors to your wearable sensors. These sensors can be used to monitor any number of electrical signals from the body. Only the imagination of the designer limits what can be measured with a flexible printed sensor.

Many designers are using our wearable electrodes to apply electricity to the human body and heal. Our custom wearable electronics can be used to heal the body instead of just measure the body. Electrical stimulation has been shown to have healing and regenerative properties in many applications. These wearable medical electrodes can be manufactured using the same conductors and substrates that are used for wearable sensors.

When you decide to move your wearable device from the drawing board something you can hold it is time to call Almax – RP. We can make any recommendations that are needed to get your device ready for manufacturing. Once we settle on a design, prototyping is just a 1 week process with Almax – RP. This is vital whether you are getting ready for a trade show, funding round, or product launch. After prototyping is complete we provide affordable manufacturing of your device.

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