Wearable Electronics

LEDs on Glove made with Screen Printed Circuit on Fabric_sm

LEDs on Glove made with Screen Printed Circuit on Fabric

One of the hottest new areas of growth in printed electronics is wearable electronics. New technologies are enabling highly conductive electronic circuits that are flexible, soft, and durable and can be machine washed, all for low cost. This includes markets for wearable health sensors, consumer electronics, and sports.

The wearable electronics industry is growing fast and this new application of flex circuit technology is being used more and more with great results. The adoption of wearable technology is driving new product development. The possibilities for using this technology are endless. Wearable technology gives flexibility and functionality to consumers.

Smart Garments allow biometric monitoring and wireless communication without bulky or cumbersome components. Putting electronics directly on patients clothing allows patients to be connected to other devices without the need for wires. Wearables can include skin patches, textiles, glasses, jewelry, belts, etc.

Wearable health devices include fitness trackers, smart watches, smart clothing, and heart rate monitors, which can enhance physical activity. To realize the full potential of wearable health devices, solutions should be personalized, and devices must deliver high quality data.

printed circuit with LED on cotton

Printed Circuit with LED on Cotton

Printed clear conductive ink, silver ink, carbon and dielectric are key materials in wearable electronics manufacturing. Ink suppliers are helping to develop and advance this technology by developing new conductive inks and advanced materials.

North America is estimated to be the biggest market for wearable electronics followed by Europe and Asia.

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