Spectrophotometers and Color Management

Spectrophotometers are used in every industry that requires accurate color, which is pretty much every industry, including membrane switches. From plastic packaging bags to mojitos to ceiling tiles and socks, these devices help ensure that each color being produced matches the color that is called out on a drawing. Spectrophotometers can make a big difference in color QC.







Why Spectrophotometers?

Almax-RP uses a spectrophotometer – devices that can capture and measure color – to ensure that the colors are accurate on customer parts. We work primarily with Pantone Colors and this device ensures that the colors we view are true to colors called out by the customer.

Measuring spectral data provides a high level of color accuracy. Spectrophotometers measure reflected or transmitted light across a light spectrum. The resulting data creates a visual curve. Spectral measurements ensure that color is consistent across varying substrates and production processes, such as graphic overlays for membrane switches.

Benefits of a Spectrophotometer

The spectrophotometer is the most accurate color profiling device available today. It even includes the latest developments in ISO standardization, and ensures quality, speed and flexibility in color management.

The device helps Almax-RP get the colors right the first time and right every time.

Spectrophotometers can measure different surface types:

  1. Plastic bottles – You can see right through!

  2. Orange Juice – Color affects consumer opinion.

  3. Car Doors – Everything must match!

  4. Carpeting – Tricky to measure.

  5. Skin – From cosmetics to prosthetics, color matching is so important!