Almax-RP membrane switches are sealed to give your keypad or switch excellent resistance to moisture, chemicals, dirt, and wear and tear. Especially in wet conditions, it’s important to keep all electronics sealed off from outside contaminates as this could damage the circuitry.

Traditional membrane switches provide some level of resistance to contamination but a sealed membrane switch gives IP67 resistance to dust and water.


Sealed Rubber Keypad


The Benefits of Sealed Membrane Switches

  • Durability
  • High quality, attractive graphic overlays
  • Sealed Rubber Keypad overlay option
sealed membrane switch

Sealed Membrane Switch

Sealed Membrane Switch Applications

  • Defense
  • Outdoor use
  • Marine
  • Other applications which need a sealed circuit

Designers: Be sure to specify if you need water resistant or waterproof. Most membrane switches are water resistant by design but waterproofing requires a completely different design.