Reverse-Engineering Old Membrane Switch Keypads






Perhaps you have keypads which are old but which are still used and needed for your equipment operation.  Your plates and housings on your machinery might be older and you still want to use this legacy equipment. What can you do if you need new keypads and want them to be the same as your old ones?  You can have Almax-RP create a new keypad for you by reverse-engineering or retrofitting your old ones.

You can see in the pictures and example of what we had to start with and what we were able to make. Our service of restoring outdated membrane switches and control panels allows you to get more usage from your old equipment.

Before and After

Top is the old part backside (no adhesive) Bottom is the new backside (with adhesive)

Making an Improved Copy

Equipment stops working when the keypad is damaged or no longer functions for some reason.  Our design engineer can take your component, study how it works, and offer ways  to make a better replacement part. The cost for this is much less than the cost of buying new equipment or the cost of not being able to run your machines. Staff may have no work to do if their equipment isn’t working due to faulty or non-functioning electronics. We can help!

Reverse engineering a membrane switch or graphic overlay starts with taking an existing part, extracting design data, and creating an improved copy of the engineered keypad.  The new keypad can be placed onto the existing machine or controller and the life of the equipment is now extended for years to come.

Almax-RP can provide you a high quality replacement part for your membrane switch, keypad, or overly.

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