Almax – RP has been America’s leading membrane switch design and prototyping company for over a decade. Our team of experienced engineers can design membrane switches that are durable and reliable in the harshest environments and most extreme conditions. Whether you are looking for an IP67 waterproof keypad, a UV resistant build for outdoor use, or functional backlighting for night time use, Almax – RP can design and manufacture membrane switch prototypes that fit your needs.

Read a review from one of our customers about our membrane switch prototyping process.

Membrane Switch Prototypes

Our membrane switch rapid prototyping services include:

  • Design and manufacturing review of your membrane switch
  • Screen printed silver circuitry
  • Metal domes
  • Fully embossed overlays
  • Digital or screen printed Graphics
  • No color limit
  • Shipping in 5 days or less  if needed

What We Need From You To Get Started

Please send your drawings for us to look at. DWG or DXF is perfect for the mechanicals.  Vector artwork is preferred, but we can generate the vector artwork for you for an additional fee when you order.

We can work with whatever you have to start with. Our design and manufacturing team can work from a basic concept drawing or complete manufacturing drawings. We’ll use your drawing to give you a same-day quote.

  • PDF files
  • AutoCAD DWG or DXF files 
  • Adobe Illustrator files with Pantone colors
  • Image files containing a photo of an existing membrane switch


Options for Membrane Switch Prototypes

  • Tactile or non-tactile buttons with or without embossing
  • Brilliant, high resolution, graphic overlays are digitally printed and screen printed at Almax-RP
  • Dead-front or tinted windows 
  • Clear or colored windows can enhance your flex keypad
  • EMI or RF Shielding with a printed silver matrix 
  • LED chips can be embedded into your keypad
  • Tail termination options include 0.1″ female connectors, 0.05″ female connectors, and 1.0 mm ZIF

Engineering & Graphic Design for Membrane Switch Prototypes

Our engineering and graphic design services are all done on site. Our engineering team will work with you to get exactly what you need. Give us a call  to discuss your needs or request a free quote here. We are happy to discuss your project with you. We must have drawings in order to generate a quote.

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