Membrane Switch Prototypes

Almax-RP is a Membrane Switch Prototype Company

membrane keypad prototype

Almax-RP has been America’s leading membrane switch design and prototyping company for over 20 years. Our experienced team designs membrane switches that are durable and reliable in harsh environments and extreme conditions. Our prototypes are production quality keypads that you can count on. Whether you are looking for an IP67 waterproof keypad, a UV resistant build for outdoor use, or functional backlighting for night time use, Almax-RP can design and manufacture membrane switch prototypes that fit your specifications.

Our Prototyping Service Includes:

membrane switch
  • Design For Manufacturing (DFM) review of your membrane switch
  • Full product approval drawings in 24 hours
  • Screen printed silver circuitry
  • Metal domes
  • Fully embossed overlays
  • Digital or screen printed Graphics
  • No color limit
  • Shipping in 3 days or less if needed

Options for Membrane Switch Prototypes

Membrane Switch Prototypes
  • Tactile buttons with stainless steel domes
  • Pillow embossed buttons
  • Digitally printed graphic overlays or screen printed graphic overlays
  • Dead-front or tinted windows 
  • Clear displays windows with selective texture
  • ESD shielding to protect your keypad
  • Surface mount LEDs
  • Crimped contacts on flex tail with either 2.54mm or 1.27mm pitch female connectors
  • 1.0mm Pitch ZIF tails

What to Expect When You Order Membrane Switch Prototypes

Our engineering and graphic design services are all done on site. Our engineering team will create a set of drawings for you to review within 24 hours. Once drawings are approved we can ship your membrane switch prototype order within a few days. Please fill out our contact form or call us at (520) 647-0190 to get started. If you would like more information about our prototyping process you can read a review from one of our customers here.

Information Required to Quote Membrane Switch Prototypes

Please send your drawings to We can use DWG, DXF, or PDF files for the mechanical dimensions.  If you have vector art then please send it to us as an Adobe Illustrator or PDF file. If not, our graphic designers can generate the vector artwork for you. Our design and manufacturing team can produce a design for you from a basic concept drawing. We can also work from complete manufacturing drawings if you have then. We’ll use your drawing to give you a same-day quote.

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