Ag/AgCl (Silver Silver Chloride) Screen Printed Electrodes

Manufacturing Custom Ag/AgCL Electrodes

Screen Printed Ag/AgCl Electrodes on 100mm Glass Wafer
Screen Printed Ag/AgCl Electrodes on 100mm Glass Wafer

Screen printed electrodes are revolutionizing the way that we collect data and measurements. Ag/AgCl (Silver Silver Chloride) reference electrodes are the industry standard reference electrode for many electrochemical measurements. This is because Ag/AgCl electrodes have a stable electrochemical potential in a variety of different measurement conditions. Almax manufactures custom Ag/AgCl screen printed electrodes by printing Ag/AgCl ink onto an application specific substrate. Some of the most common substrates include PET, fabric, and FPCs depending on the customer’s requirements.

What are some applications of Ag/AgCl Screen Printed Electrodes?

Stretchable Printed Electronics

Printed electrodes are produced using inexpensive materials so they are well suited for high volume “disposable” applications such as medical tests and wearable sensors. There are broad medical applications for printed silver/ silver chloride electrodes including wearable devices, EKG (heart) sensors, EEG (brain wave) sensors, & sweat analysis. Industrial applications include heavy metal detection, electrochemical stripping analysis, and detection of pesticides. These are only a few of the potential uses for printed silver/silver chloride electrodes!


Why is Almax your best choice for Ag/AgCl Electrodes?

Silver Silver Chloride Electrode
Screen Printed Ag/AgCl Electrodes on 100mm Glass Wafer

Almax-RP is a leader in the field of screen printed electrode manufacturing and design. As a US-based manufacturing firm with production facilities in America & China, we are uniquely positioned to provide both quick-turn prototyping and mass production. Our US-based engineering team can offer a specialized, streamlined, and customer-driven experience, while our overseas facility enables us to offer competitive pricing and high-volume production capacity. With years of experience producing printed silver/silver chloride electrodes, Almax is your best choice for a printed electronics manufacturing partner.



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Check out our contact contact page or send your drawings to to get started on your custom Ag/AgCl screen printed electrode project. You can also call us at (520) 647-0190 and leave us a voicemail. We typically will respond to your inquirey within 1 business day. Thank you for choosing Almax-RP.