Membrane Switch Solutions

“My name is Sidney and I am a manufacturing engineer at Almax-RP, a Tucson based membrane switch manufacturer. We make membrane switches for some of the top medical device manufacturers in the country, along with Industrial Controls, Appliances, Test and Measurement, & the Oil and Gas industry.

We would really like the opportunity to quote your next membrane switch &/or graphic overlay job. We offer a 5 prototypes- 5 days- $1000 starter package that is a great value.”

A membrane switch is a printed electronic circuit that uses pressure to open and close a circuit. The circuit is printed with silver conductive ink, and can also include dielectric and carbon on the flex tail.

The membrane switch purpose is to be the interface between the user and the machine.

Benefits of a Membrane Switch

  • A completely sealed surface that you can clean and sterilize
  • Smooth profile won’t catch contaminants
  • Money smart solution that is cheaper than rubber keypads
  • Digitally Printed Graphic Overlays with high resolution clarity
  • Water resistant – IP 67 specs
  • Fun to use – you’ll find membrane switches almost everywhere you look.

Membrane Switch Construction









  1. The Graphic Overlay is made of polyester which has excellent chemical protection and long life.
  2. Graphic Adhesive
  3. Dome Retainer to create room for the buttons
  4. Spacer Adhesive
  5. Circuit Layer is a .005” heat stabilized polyester with silver conductive ink
  6. Back Adhesive used to mount the flex circuit onto its housing or location

Tactile vs Non-Tactile Feedback

A non-tactile switch activates with 4-8 oz of pressure and are less expensive and have the longest switch life. A tactile switch has a snap feel and is made with a metal dome and embossed.










circuit with domes








Membrane Keypad Lighting Options

LEDs are used a lot on flex keypads. They are relatively low cost, come in a variety of colors, and are very low profile. They can be used as indicator lights or for backlighting of membrane switch keypads.

Lighting Options







membrane keypad with backlit circle







Design Features Can Include:

  • Vivid Graphic Overlays, digitally printed onto polyester
  • Windows, clear or anti-glare, or tinted
  • Embossed buttons can be pillow or ring
  • Embedded LEDs
  • Connectors on .10” centers or for zif connections

Best Industries for Membrane Switches

Although they are found in most industries, the Medical Instrumentation and Laboratory Equipment industries are ideal for membrane switches. This is because they can be sealed from moisture and harsh chemicals and can come with anti-microbial coatings that resist bacterial growth.

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