Flex Circuits From Prototyping to Production

Flex Circuits, From Prototyping to Production

We offer 5 prototype parts in 5 days for $1000 for new customers or new projects. When you re-order you don’t pay any NRE for tooling and setup. You only pay the per piece price which you were quoted in the beginning.

We will quote you production order quantities and can handle all levels of production. Almax-RP is based in Tucson in the U.S. But we also have China factory pricing we can offer for large production orders. Whatever you need, we can handle it.

We work with contract manufacturing developers and R & D of new membrane technologies. We love working with project engineers who have to coordinate a lot of different tasks including sourcing a membrane keypad. We can help you with all aspects of this. Call us and speak with our engineer who will help you organize your keypad project so that you can stay focused on your most important priorities.

Almax-RP offers you quick turn around prototypes. We use the latest production equipment and test instruments so you get parts that are within specs and ready to connect to your equipment. Our quality management process includes a documented calibration system, final electronic testing of all circuits and components, and color matching.

$1000 Prototype Pricing Includes:

  • Membrane Switch DFM review
  • Silver flex circuitry – PET – screen printed
  • Metal Domes
  • Polyester overlay
  • Digital graphics

Optional Switch Features
Call for Pricing (520) 647-0190

  • Turn time less than 5 days
  • Rigid PCB or Copper Flex
  • Back-lighting
  • Alternate overlay materials
  • LEDs

Almax-RP products are 100% guaranteed for quality and workmanship. We have an RMA procedure for the occasional failed part.

Almax Rapid Prototyping Solutions manufactures a full line of custom electronic interface assemblies and components at almost any price point and lead time. OEMs, EMS companies and value-added re-sellers trust us with their electronic interface needs.

Almax-RP does reserve the right to adjust our pricing after review of final drawings and layouts.

Blanket Orders with scheduled split shipments are accepted. All blanket orders must be shipped within 12 months of the first shipment.

Sample of Info We Need from You

Here’s an example of the kind of information we use for making parts:

Size:  5.016 x 1.732
Graphic: drawing submitted in Adobe Illustrator or PDF format.
Colors: pantone colors called out
Windows or Cutouts: called out (optional)
Keys: 6, tactile metal dome, embossed (optional)
Circuit layer: Silver Ink on Polyester, .005” (standard)
Mounting Adhesive: 3M467 (normally)

  • Prototyping Lead times are 5 working days normally.
  • Production Lead time is 2-3 weeks normally. Larger Blanket Orders can be distributed on a schedule as needed.

Use our Online Quote Form, or call us at (520) 647-0190, or email us at sales @ almax-rp.com to get started.