Custom Rubber Keypad Manufacturing

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Rubber Keypad with housing










Almax-RP can provide custom molded rubber keypads. These are visually attractive, 3D designed. Rubber keypads offer a relatively low production cost and have excellent switching capability. They work great in demanding environments.

These keypads can be made with membrane switch technology or with a PCB-substrate.  These silicon rubber switches are used in many different fields.

Keypads can include etching, screening, LED back-lighting, sealed edges, a specialized top coating and a silver flex tail.

Other capabilities include a tactile response, laser etched backlighting,  protective coatings, plastic keys with rubber, full keyboard assemblies, backlighting, and colored LED windows.

Basic Silicone Keypad Switch Design

Silicone rubber is used to make angled webbing around a switch center. Compression molding forms the part. When the keys are pressed they produce a tactile response. There is a snap ratio that determines how much tactile feel there is on a key. Typically there’s a 40%-60% snap ratio for rubber keypads. If the snap ratio is less than 40% the keys will lose tactile feel and also lose the “clicking sound.”












Drawings are created for customer approval usually about 2 days after a PO is received. Lead time is 3-4 weeks for most orders.

We can design a custom keypad for you or help you improve on an existing design. Your keypad will look great and function as designed.

Interested in ALMAX-RP Rubber Keypad Pricing? Call 520.647.0190 or email for lead-times and pricing. Most quotes are returned within 24 hours and our customer service and/or design engineer are available for consultation.


Translucent Rubber Keypad