Almax-RP Quality Control Procedures

100% Inspection


Membrane switch keypad is tested for circuit integrity and LED functionality






All of our membrane keypads and circuits are individually tested for electrical functionality. Electrical testing is done both manually during the circuit build-up and then done to ALL parts when finished using an automated Mistral Keypad Test System. A testing report is generated for each lot of parts tested.

1. LEDs are tested for functionality and visibility.
2. LEDs are tested for back current leakage.
3. Switches are tested for electrical functionality.

Dimensional Inspection




All parts are inspected for dimensional conformance to product drawings.

1. Outside dimensions are measured to specifications using calipers.
2. Windows, cutouts, and other key features are measured to specification using calipers.
3. Tail length is measured to specs with calipers.

Visual and Color Inspection 







All parts are inspected to ensure the visual appearance of the parts match the product drawings.

1. Parts are inspected under a digital microscope for defects.
2. Colors are checked to match standardized color swatches using the Pantone and CYMK color systems.
3. Text, images, and other key features are checked for conformance to product drawings.

Certifications for Almax-RP