A Customer’s Experience

“My situation was dire. My company was growing very rapidly when my only supplier of keypads suddenly shut down and went out of business. I quickly ran out of parts and could not ship the many orders on the backlog. I immediately contacted a major name in the keypad industry. They responded quickly, but quoted me four weeks for prototypes, followed by another four weeks before we could receive production quantities. I was shocked by the idea of an eight-week gap in shipments.

Desperate, I went to Google and typed in ‘fast-turn keypad overlays’. ALMAX-RP came up. I drove to their office in Tucson and presented my situation to Sidney, Shelton, and Curtis. I asked them to bail me out.

Boy, did they respond. I had working prototypes in less than one week (I shipped them immediately) and my first production units about a week later. Fantastic response time! Also, the product quality was excellent. The colors were sharp and the buttons felt great. They were superior to the parts we had been using.

I strongly recommend ALMAX-RP as a supplier of keypads and overlays. Feel free to contact me at the numbers below for further information.”

Pete Secor, Owner, Manager
Evergreen Telemetry
Tempe, AZ
Sept 2019

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