5 Prototypes, 5 Days, $1000

Engineers working on new projects often have to come up with ways to make a new piece of equipment work using a membrane switch. You have a piece of equipment and you see that you need some kind of keypad or flexible circuit that you can use to operate the equipment.  You could spend a lot of time messing around with this kind of thing yourself, or you can contact Almax-RP and have us make you 5 membrane switch prototypes in 5 days for only $1000.

You can speak with one of our manufacturing engineers by phone and tell us what you are needing and wanting to do. We will help you know what is possible with your design and can guide you and make you a membrane keypad in 5 days.

Once we have a drawing from you with basic dimensions we will give you a same-day quote that will be 5 prototypes and Setup and Tooling costs (NRE) all totaling right around a thousand dollars.

If the quote looks good to you, you can send us a Purchase Order and we’ll respond with your Order Confirmation.

We will invoice you at the time of shipping and payment is due upon receipt for all new orders. Payment by check is our preferred method and we can also accept credit card payments.

We can also give you quotes for larger quantities. All of your future orders with this part will be per-piece only, with no additional NRE charges. We will quote you anything from 25 pieces to production orders so that you know what you can do once you have prototypes that you like and that work great.

Once we make your parts we keep all your information on file and the next time you need parts you pay only the per piece price. We can accommodate changes or modifications to your parts. You will incur some NRE charges for engineering changes to the circuit or graphic. Graphic changes are very common and we can accommodate those with minimum extra charges. We want you to feel comfortable working with us and to know that you are getting what you need and want.

Details to Consider in your Drawing

Some of the details to consider for your first drawing are:

  • Outside dimensions of the membrane
  • Number of Colors on the graphic overlay
  • Tactile response (buttons with snap domes) or non-tactile response (buttons made with a shorting layer) from keys
  • Tail exit location
  • Tail length
  • Emboss on keys (yes/no)
  • Button shape and size
  • Cut out window areas or Clear or tinted windows
  • LEDs or resistors (surface mounted)


We prefer a .dwg or a .dxf for the mechanical construction, and a .AI (Illustrator) for the graphic artwork. We can also work with a .pdf

Additional Info

  • We use .1” pitch connectors
  • We can do just-in-time shipping or progress-shipments for Blanket POs
  • We can accommodate changes to your parts with very reasonable NRE fees. You only pay tooling and setup costs the first time with your prototypes.